What is PNC-27?

pnc-27-molecule-rotatedPNC-27 is a tiny, non-toxic protein molecule that attaches to cancer cells and causes them to die.

PNC-27 was designed in 2000 using a supercomputer at SUNI Downstate Medical Center in New York by Dr. Matthew Pincus and Dr. Josef Michl. Originally created to fight HIV, it was soon discovered that PNC-27 would attach to and kill cancer cells, leaving healthy cells to thrive.

PNC-27 has been awarded multiple patents and has been the subject of numerous studies by the medical community.

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PNC-27 can play an important role in an overall strategy to fight cancer.

It is most effective when used in conjunction with immune system boosters, proper hydration, and a vegan or near-vegan diet that avoids sugars and red meat.

Traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, poison the body in hopes of killing the cancer before killing the patient. As a result, many cancer patients succumb to the toxic effects of cancer treatments rather than the cancer itself.

Since PNC-27 is non-toxic, patients can eradicate a little bit of cancer everyday, while focusing on holistic health and wellness. When properly administered, PNC-27 puts cancer on the defensive, resulting in outcomes that include significant pain reduction and, in many cases, lengthening of life.

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